Hytorc Application in Indonesia

Since 2002 PT Gratari Kencana Abadi is well recognized as a leading specialist in providing solution for instruments and tools in various industries. We do providing the solution not only the tool that will at the end optimized the investment. 

Nowdays the market evolve where higher accuracy-precision in more complex system is needed. The market is more and more aware on the safety, quality and efficiency. Safety is the all concern on a critical environment such as oil and gas, power plant, chemical plant. Quality is a key factor to bring the solution to a the best productivity performance. All over that, Efficiency is to ensure the beneficence of the over all cost factor.

HYTORC is the best for torque and tension tools that is met to the safety, quality and efficient solution. It has the optimized option for Hydraulic Torque and Tension Tools, Pneumatic Torque and Tension Tools and last not least Electric Torque and Tension Tools. 

This is also drive PT Gratari Kencana Abadi to evolve itself to be more focused on a more specific requirements and to be specialist on it. INDOTORC is a brand-name of PT Gratari Kencana Abadi fot bolting solution and services. We are the torque – tension specialist in Indonesia.

INDOTORC provides the bolting solutions and services for wide applications with Hytorc tools. Hytorc application in Indonesia including : oil-gas, mining, pharmaceutical, petro-chemical, power-plants, and etc. We bring the International Standard Warranty and we are going to provide Repair and Calibration Services, Bolting Services as well as Training and Certification Services.

We are pleased to hear from you soon, call us for more on your application solutions.



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